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Product code: LA0096
The Toobaloo is a phone-like device that allows children to hear themselves clearly while speaking softly into it. The design of the Toobaloo magnifies their voice allowing them to hear their sounds and words distinctly. Age: From 5 years Available in the following colours: Light Blue Red/Purple Purple Green Pink Orange Red Please advise if a particular colour is wanted! Who uses the TOOBALOO? * Classroom teachers * Reading teachers * Speech Pathologists * Special Education teachers * Music teachers * Foreign Language teachers * Parents TOOBALOO for Reading and Phonics * Students are able to listen more clearly to their reading rate, phrasing and expression (sound, duration, pitch and stress) * The TOOBALOO helps students build confidence in reading and comprehension * Students need to practice oral reading at a level of effortlessness for fluency and comprehension * The TOOBALOO provides motivation to read and reread their stories * The TOOBALOO gives students opportunities to read aloud daily * The TOOBALOO helps improve self-esteem for all levels of readers Ways to use the TOOBALOO in the classroom: * Students use the TOOBALOO like a telephone and speak softly into it. * The whole class can practice reading aloud to themselves without bothering other students. (This gives students oral reading time, and at the same time, allows the teacher to move around the classroom and listen to individuals read) * Small groups can use their TOOBALOOS at a center to practice rereading * Students can use their TOOBALOOS during or after a guided reading group * Students can practice reading and rereading individually with the stories they are working on * Students can check out a TOOBALOO to take home and practice with * WRITING!!!! Have your students reread their stories into the TOOBALOO for editing * SPELLING - practice spelling into the TOOBALOO * MATH FACTS - practice them with the TOOBALOO TOOBALOO for Speech * The TOOBALOO can be used by speech pathologists to help clients with fluency disorders, monitor and regulate their speech * The TOOBALOO provides auditory feedback to help the clients detect their errors (articulation, phonological) * The TOOBALOO can help to regulate vocal intensity and self monitor their fluency * The TOOBALOO motivates students to use correct productions and good vocal qualities * The TOOBALOO is lightweight and portable, which can be sent home for practice to promote carryover
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