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Bridges, Tunnels & Stations

Brio 33253 - Stacking Supports Brio 33253 - Stacking Supports
5 in stock
Take the game up a notch with these supports that help you build bridges, tunnels or a cool, multi-storey rail way.
Brio 33280 - Freight Goods Station Brio 33280 - Freight Goods Station
2 in stock
Lift and load action! Take the load off the wagon with the magnetic arm. Drop the load on the chute and press the button to slide it down onto the truck. Off it goes to deliver the cargo! Includes truck, wagon, load and ramp track.
Brio 33332 - Ascending Track Brio 33332 - Ascending Track
11 in stock
These ascending tracks for railway help the train climb and descend and work well with BRIOs railway bridges and viaducts. Up and down we go!
Brio 33351 - Viaduct Bridge Brio 33351 - Viaduct Bridge
2 in stock
Going straight ahead does not have to be boring. Why not add a classic viaduct?
Brio 33391 - Collapsing Bridge Brio 33391 - Collapsing Bridge
3 in stock
Ready, set, collapse! Press the red button to make the BRIO bridge collapse so that no trains can pass until the bridge has been rebuilt again. The collapse bridge for railway includes 2 ascending tracks and a wooden base with a built in track for more track connections underneath.
Brio 33481 - Adventure Tunnel Brio 33481 - Adventure Tunnel
2 in stock
Take a shortcut through BRIOs exciting adventure tunnel for railway. It has four different sounds that activate when the train passes through and onto new adventures.
Brio 33513 - Metro Railway Set Brio 33513 - Metro Railway Set
1 in stock
Take the metro into the city! The train keeps up with the driver – the faster it’s pushed, the more light and train sound it will make. BRIOs urban metro railway set takes children into a world of play that they recognize from reality. The metro station play features are detailed with sliding doors, platform seats and passengers. Connects to all BRIO trains and the BRIO wooden railway system.
Brio 33574 - Train Garage Brio 33574 - Train Garage
2 in stock
Where do the trains take a nap? In the BRIO train garage for railway of course. A perfect resting or maintenance place for all BRIO trains. Turn the knob on the top to open the garage door. Open up the door and this garage can also be used as a tunnel instead.
Brio 33649 - Central Train Station Brio 33649 - Central Train Station
1 in stock
All aboard! The Central Train Station features double tracks and a wide range of sounds from the ticket machine. It’s the perfect centerpiece for your rail network. This is where your passengers start their adventures and only you know where they will end up. Don’t forget to buy your tickets!
Brio 33674 - Signal Station Brio 33674 - Signal Station
3 in stock
Decide which way the passing trains go. Turn the red knob to choose the right track as the BRIO trains fly by fast, hurrying to get to their next destination on time. Poseable play figure included.
Brio 33699 - Curved Bridge Brio 33699 - Curved Bridge
3 in stock
Let's be honest. A cool bridge makes a train journey more fun. Not to mention all the new layouts you can build going over and under the bridge. So here it is, a curved bridge with two elevated ascending tracks.


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