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 70097 Magic King of the Sea with Shark Carriage *21 70097 Magic King of the Sea with Shark Carriage *21
3 in stock
1 x Playmobil figure, 1 x Cape, 1 x Sceptre, 1 x Crown, 3 x Pearls, 1 x Shark, 1 x Harness, 1 x Carriage, 1 x Eel, 1 x Octopus Age 4+
 70411 Pirates Skull Pirate Ship*23 70411 Pirates Skull Pirate Ship*23
2 in stock
With three pirates and lots of accessories. Access the interior of the ship from the large opening in the middle. The ship floats. The dangerous pirates with their Skull Pirate Ship are the terror of the seven seas. As soon as their fiery red sail with the grim skull and crossbones comes into view, all sailors become scared and bang. The cunning pirate captain and his crew are always on the lookou…
 70413 Pirates Redcoat Bastion *23 70413 Pirates Redcoat Bastion *23
Out of stock
With two soldiers and a skeleton. Equipped with a dungeon, small boat, treasure chest and two pirates. The massive stone Bastion of the Redcoats is enthroned on steep cliffs in the sea. In their best armed bastion the soldiers guard a valuable gold treasure, which they keep hidden in a secret treasure vault. Neither storm and wind nor thieving pirates can frighten the Redcoats, because with their…
 70777 Advent Calendar Mermaids*21 70777 Advent Calendar Mermaids*21
1 in stock
Magical Christmas: PLAYMOBIL Magic Mermaids Advent Calendar with 3 figures, 2 seahorses and much more behind 24 doors - with bath paint Includes sea carriage, 2 mermaids with thermo paint, 1 octopus made of thermochromic plastic, 1 armband and much more, Suitable for the PLAYMOBIL Magic range Playset for children ages 4+: Fits ideally in children's hands due to age-appropriate size pieces, Easy to…
 70881 Special + Mermaids *23 70881 Special + Mermaids *23
13 in stock
With beads as a tennis ball. There is always a lot going on under water. Today the two mermaids are meeting to play tennis. First set up the tennis net, get the rackets ready and then the game can begin. The comb can be used as a tennis net or as hair ornament. The figures can sit and stand on the tail fin. PLAYMOBIL Special Plus figures with great extras are the ideal gift. Great fun to collect,…
 70962 Pirate Treasure Island with Rowboat Promo Pack *23 70962 Pirate Treasure Island with Rowboat Promo Pack *23
Out of stock
Pirate Treasure Island with skeleton and firing cannon. Attention landlubbers! Get ready for huge pirate fun with the Pirate Treasure Island with Rowboat from PLAYMOBIL. Explore the island with the buccaneer and find the hidden treasure. Then it is a matter of defending the valuable find. But should anyone approach without permission, he will be greeted with shots from the cannon. A detailed pirat…
 71189 Pirate with Cannon Gift Set *23 71189 Pirate with Cannon Gift Set *23
1 in stock
PLAYMOBIL Gift Set Pirate with cannon and target. The PLAYMOBIL gift set pirate with cannon is the ideal gift for the next pirate party. Adventurous children aged 4 and up will love this pirate playset. With the cannon, the pirate defends himself against any attacker. If he wants to change position, he simply takes the cannon by the handle and pulls it behind him. The playset includes a PLAYMOBIL…
 71254 Pirate with Rowboat Starter Pack *23 71254 Pirate with Rowboat Starter Pack *23
5 in stock
Starter Pack Pirate with Rowing Boat and treasure island. Off on a pirate adventure with the Starter Pack Pirate with Rowing Boat from PLAYMOBIL. The brave buccaneer has managed to decipher the treasure map and recover the valuable treasure. His predecessor was not so successful. The pirate quickly packs the gold and gems into his rowboat and makes off. Fun playtime for little pirate fans aged 4 a…
42509 Mermaid Riding on Sea Unicorn*22 42509 Mermaid Riding on Sea Unicorn*22
1 in stock
Age Recommendation 5-12 years Dimensions 14,6 x 5,7 x 13,4 cm Pieces 4 Items The mermaid lives hidden on her pearly unicorn in the underwater world of Meamare. Explore the magical world together and visit the mermaid friends Annabelle, Isabelle, Gabriella, and Michelle! Then she will tell exciting stories of the adventures she has had and will bring along special presents from her trips. Content 1…
42575 Magical Underwater Tourna 42575 Magical Underwater Tourna
1 in stock
Age Recommendation 5-12 years Dimensions 30 x 20 x 18 cm Pieces 18 Items Two beautiful mythological creatures are competing in a test of aquatic agility and speed. In lane 1, it's the unicorn with the tail fin of a mermaid. In lane 2, it's the hippocampus – part horse, part fish. They crouch eagerly at the starting line. A gurgle of bubbles signals the start of the race...and there they go! Who wi…
5655 Carrying Case Small 5655 Carrying Case Small "Pirates"
3 in stock
Age 4-10 years As part of the 'Pirates' Playmobil range
70570 Sea Unicorn Mare 70570 Sea Unicorn Mare
4 in stock
Part of the Schleich bayala range, Age: From 3 years


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