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5045 Sylvanian Caravan 5045 Sylvanian Caravan
Out of stock
Perfect for family trips, the Caravan holiday home has everything your Sylvanians need for an exciting trip out of the meadow. This home-away-from-home comes with all the comforts your Sylvanians might need for a week or so in the wild. Complete with bedding for two, it can cater for a snooze as well as having a well equipped kitchen, seating area and bathroom! There’s also 20 kitchen accessories…
5192 Sylvanian Day Trip Accessory Set*23 5192 Sylvanian Day Trip Accessory Set*23
Out of stock
Prepare your Sylvanians for their excursion with the Day Trip Accessory Set! Includes a backpack to keep their bits ‘n’ bobs safe, a straw hat to keep the sun off their ears and of course, a camera to take snaps of the scenery! From a matching strawberry earband and purse, to pretty bunny ear-shaped headbands, this set has all the essentials for Sylvanian girlies out on a day trip at Adventure Isl…
5233 Sylvanian Girls Swimwear Set 5233 Sylvanian Girls Swimwear Set
2 in stock
This is available online or at the Dorchester shop. It can be ordered via the Worcester shop but no stock is held in Worcester.
5333 Sylvanian Baby Ferris Wheel 5333 Sylvanian Baby Ferris Wheel
3 in stock
Baby Ferris wheel can be turned by holding onto the handle and turning to spin the circular base. A Ferris Wheel for the baby figures, including Toy Poodle Baby figure. Up to 3 babies can sit aboard the Ferris Wheel. Includes: Frame (Left), Frame (Right), Gondola x3, Pole, Centre Piece, Lock Piece, Handle, Base (Left), Base (Right), Toy Poodle Baby (a total of 12 pieces)
5390 Sylvanian Gingerbread Playhouse*21 5390 Sylvanian Gingerbread Playhouse*21
Out of stock
This Seasonal Playhouse comes with a baby figure dressed as Santa, a sleigh and a delicious looking gingerbread house The Marshmallow Mouse dressed as Santa can ride the cookie sleigh and go down the Gingerbread Playhouse chimney The Gingerbread Playhouse and sleigh are designed for use with the Sylvanian Family babies, and goes fabulously with our other separately-sold baby figures It's tons of f…
5448 Sylvanian Family Cruising Car 5448 Sylvanian Family Cruising Car
3 in stock
When the sun comes out just take off the roof. Swap the right and left handles around to suit the mood of the day. The baby buggy is both a buggy and a baby car seat, so they can watch the world go by in safety. The remaining part of the baby buggy can be stored in the boot. The included drinks can be stored in the drinks holder or carried in child figures' hands. A maximum of 5 figures can ride i…
5454 Sylvanian Family Campervan 5454 Sylvanian Family Campervan
3 in stock
Seats up to seven, enjoy cooking, barbecue, cycling, fishing, and other fun camping activities! Two adult figures, two child figures, one baby figure, and two twin figures can all sleep in the Family Campervan. The seats recline into beds. The kitchen stored under the dashboard contains a frying pan, corncob, and grilled fish for cooking fun. Use together with the childrens' fishing rod, fish and…
5531 Sylvanian Easter Set*23 5531 Sylvanian Easter Set*23
1 in stock
Celebrate the springtime with this cute Easter themed playset. Each of the colourful Easter eggs can be cracked open to reveal a treat inside and once you’ve found them, collect them all in the pretty pastel basket. Your Sylvanians will enjoy hunting for the eggs and collecting their treat – too cute! Set includes white rabbit baby Sophie Snow; other figures not included.
5535 Sylvanian Family Picnic Van 5535 Sylvanian Family Picnic Van
4 in stock
The Family Picnic Van is a car with a roof rack and space inside for up to eight Sylvanians. The rear seats are reversible and feature car seat fittings for your smallest babies to travel comfortably. Remove the boot door and the internal seats and use them to create your very own picnic table & chairs. The picnic hamper included is packed with yummy treats for the whole family to enjoy. You can a…
5537 Sylvanian Baby Amusement Park 5537 Sylvanian Baby Amusement Park
2 in stock
On the other side of the big forest is a castle tower. Through the gate lies a magical world, a theme park just for babies, called Sylvanian Land. You can see buses pulling up and babies hurrying off, looking forward to all the fun they're about to have. Inside the park are all the fun things you could image, fun rides here, a colourful parade there. Everywhere you look you’ll see babies having th…
5539 Sylvanian Baby Star Carousel 5539 Sylvanian Baby Star Carousel
6 in stock
Welcome to the Baby Amusement Park, where the Baby Star Carousel is one of the most popular rides. Hop into one of the crescent moon shaped gondolas and hold tight! The gondolas spin around as you rotate the carousel. With room for up to three babies to ride the carousel, there’s plenty of fun for everyone. Includes panda baby Tony Pookie; other figures not included.
5543 Sylvanian Royal Carriage Set*23 5543 Sylvanian Royal Carriage Set*23
13 in stock
Welcome to the Baby Amusement Park, where the Royal Carriage is one of the biggest and brightest attractions. Hop on board and embark on your very own fairy tale adventure! Open the side of the carriage to transform it into a room filled with accessories fit for a princess. There’s a chaise, dressing table with magic mirror, and even your very own magic sceptre and slippers! Your babies will adore…


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