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4531 Sylvanian Beechwood Hall*19 4531 Sylvanian Beechwood Hall*19
3 in stock
Beechwood Hall opens up to reveal 5 rooms, two with working lights. (Require 2 x AA batteries.) The reversible base piece means that an extra ground floor room or garden space can be created if desired.
5393 Sylvanian Sweet Raspberry Home 5393 Sylvanian Sweet Raspberry Home
3 in stock
Sweet Raspberry Home is a one-storey house with an amazing entrance terrace and red roof. It comes with Chocolate Rabbit Baby and a baby bed with a slide, so you can play with this set right away. With its large interior and high ceiling, hands can fit inside for easy play. Includes:- 1 x Main Unit, 1 x Chocolate Rabbit Baby, 1 x Bed with Slide (a total of 3 pieces).
5450 Sylvanian Adventure Tree House 5450 Sylvanian Adventure Tree House
4 in stock
Adventure Tree House's rope swing can go up and down and work as a lift. Place the log ride on the huge slide to make it go down. There are four small rooms. There is a secret passage inside the tree, just for the babies. The hut on the terrace can be removed and played with separately. Includes: Main Unit, Hut, Fence x2, Log Ride, Flag, Rope Swing (a total of 7 pieces).
5451 Sylvanian Lakeside Lodge 5451 Sylvanian Lakeside Lodge
7 in stock
Lakeside Lodge is home to adventurous fun for all the Sylvanian families! Cook at the wood-burning stove or sleep in the hammock.The roof has a secret slide that only baby figures can play on. Includes: Lakeside Lodge, Hammock, Table, 2 x Chairs, 2 x Stoves, Cooking Net, 2 x Acorn-Shaped Cups, 2 x Marshmallows (11 pieces in total).
5513 Sylvanian Sky Blue Terrace Gift Set*23 5513 Sylvanian Sky Blue Terrace Gift Set*23
4 in stock
Sky Blue Terrace is a town house with three wonderful floors, lots of pretty windows and plenty of space for lots of furniture. The top floor has a large round window and a small balcony to look out of. The other two floors have plenty of room for furniture and families. The gift set pack includes Bubblebrook Elephant mother Rianne and baby Hilton plus a limited edition Baby Room Set in blue to fu…
5567 Sylvanian Red Roof Cosy Cottage Starter 5567 Sylvanian Red Roof Cosy Cottage Starter
Out of stock
The Red Roof Cosy Cottage is perfect for anyone new to Sylvanian Families. This set contains a house, basic furniture and figure (Chocolate Rabbit girl), and can be played with on its own. The kitchen also comes with fun gimmicks! Bake apple pie, or pour water from the tap. Use the post box and parcel to send and receive post! The set includes: Chocolate Rabbit girl, Red Roof Country Home, First S…
5610 Sylvanian Log Cabin Giftset*23 5610 Sylvanian Log Cabin Giftset*23
6 in stock
In Sylvania the Log Cabin is everyone's favourite holiday hideaway. The deck in front of the cabin can be transformed into a hot tub. Your Sylvanians can even climb up to the roof terrace using the ladder and marvel at the beauty surrounding them. Whether they want to sit on the porch with some fruit tea, or dip their paws into the hot tub, this is the perfect place for Sylvanians looking to relax…


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