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4460 Sylvanian Push Chair *22 4460 Sylvanian Push Chair *22
8 in stock
When a baby pops into the world, it’s amazing how many things you suddenly need: high chairs, bottles, cribs, and a pushchair are just the beginning. So our range of Sylvanian baby things are the best way to make sure that you’re prepared for the arrival your little 'un! When you take your Sylvanan babies out for a stroll, make sure you do it in an elegant Sylvanian pushchair. With a sun shade to…
4533 Sylvanian Double Pushchair 4533 Sylvanian Double Pushchair
1 in stock
Snazzy pushchair for carrying two babies side by side for sociability. Age: 4+ This is available online or at the Dorchester shop. It can be ordered via the Worcester shop but no stock is held in Worcester.
5337 Sylvanian Marshmallow Mouse Triplets 5337 Sylvanian Marshmallow Mouse Triplets
3 in stock
The set includes the triplets and cradle The figurines can be posed by moving the head, arms and legs Marshmallow Mouse Triplets are characterised by flower petal patterns on their ears Good for stimulating imaginative role-play in children
5432 Sylvanian Chocolate Rabbit Twins Set 5432 Sylvanian Chocolate Rabbit Twins Set
3 in stock
The set includes Chocolate Rabbit twins, pram and accessories. Kabe & Breeze, the Chocolate Rabbit twin babies are clad in pretty pink and yellow togs with white lace detail. Well-made with fine attention to detail. Good for stimulating imaginative role-play in children.
5458 Sylvanian Persian Cat Triplets 5458 Sylvanian Persian Cat Triplets
Out of stock
Persian cat triplets collectable figure Four piece set: Persian Cat cradled babies and cradle Dressed in removable fabric clothing Sylvanian Families' miniature dollhouses, playsets and figures are timeless and classic high-quality toys. Suitable for ages three years and above
5531 Sylvanian Easter Set*23 5531 Sylvanian Easter Set*23
Out of stock
Celebrate the springtime with this cute Easter themed playset. Each of the colourful Easter eggs can be cracked open to reveal a treat inside and once you’ve found them, collect them all in the pretty pastel basket. Your Sylvanians will enjoy hunting for the eggs and collecting their treat – too cute! Set includes white rabbit baby Sophie Snow; other figures not included.
5532 Sylvanian Triplets Care Set 5532 Sylvanian Triplets Care Set
Out of stock
Triplets Flora, Fauna & Philip Chocolate are the newest arrivals in the Chocolate rabbit family. Being so young, they aren’t yet able to do a huge amount by themselves, but that’s no problem as their doting parents, grandparents and big brothers and sisters always want a turn playing games with them or taking them out in the pram. Set includes the three newborn rabbit triplets, a triple baby bassi…
5533 Sylvanian Triplets Stroller 5533 Sylvanian Triplets Stroller
4 in stock
Created especially for your triplet babies, the Triplets Stroller has space for three newborn babies side by side for fun walks out in the park with the family. If you’re going farther afield, the stroller seat converts into a triplet car seat which clips neatly into the back of the Family Cruising Car [ref 5448] to keep everyone safely strapped in en route. Once the car seat section is removed, t…
5534 Sylvanian Crib with Mobile 5534 Sylvanian Crib with Mobile
7 in stock
This adorable cot sleeps either three newborn triplets side-by-side, or single babies. The drop side can be put down for ease of getting in and out for your toddlers, and there are drawers underneath for storing spare blankets and bedding. Turn the flower dial on the side of the cot and the colourful mobile will turn round and round, sending your babies off into a dream-filled sleep.
5537 Sylvanian Baby Amusement Park 5537 Sylvanian Baby Amusement Park
1 in stock
On the other side of the big forest is a castle tower. Through the gate lies a magical world, a theme park just for babies, called Sylvanian Land. You can see buses pulling up and babies hurrying off, looking forward to all the fun they're about to have. Inside the park are all the fun things you could image, fun rides here, a colourful parade there. Everywhere you look you’ll see babies having th…
5539 Sylvanian Baby Star Carousel 5539 Sylvanian Baby Star Carousel
6 in stock
Welcome to the Baby Amusement Park, where the Baby Star Carousel is one of the most popular rides. Hop into one of the crescent moon shaped gondolas and hold tight! The gondolas spin around as you rotate the carousel. With room for up to three babies to ride the carousel, there’s plenty of fun for everyone. Includes panda baby Tony Pookie; other figures not included.
5620 Sylvanian Sheep Baby 5620 Sylvanian Sheep Baby
1 in stock
Baby Sister Emma Dale really enjoys attempting to help the rest of the family in the orchard, even though she is very small. She is quite happy following everyone around the different trees, dragging an old fruit basket behind her. After being stung one afternoon by a wasp, she soon learnt not to pick up the fallen fruit from the ground!


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