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4460 Sylvanian Push Chair *22 4460 Sylvanian Push Chair *22
8 in stock
When a baby pops into the world, it’s amazing how many things you suddenly need: high chairs, bottles, cribs, and a pushchair are just the beginning. So our range of Sylvanian baby things are the best way to make sure that you’re prepared for the arrival your little 'un! When you take your Sylvanan babies out for a stroll, make sure you do it in an elegant Sylvanian pushchair. With a sun shade to…
4533 Sylvanian Double Pushchair 4533 Sylvanian Double Pushchair
1 in stock
Snazzy pushchair for carrying two babies side by side for sociability. Age: 4+ This is available online or at the Dorchester shop. It can be ordered via the Worcester shop but no stock is held in Worcester.
5094 Sylvanian Country Nurse Set 5094 Sylvanian Country Nurse Set
4 in stock
If your Sylvs are feeling poorly, then the Country Nurse Set could help turn their frowns into smiles! As well as Kate Milk Rabbit in a nurse outfit, this set also includes everything a nurse could need to treat her patient, from essentials such as a wheelchair and cast, to luxuries such as comfy slippers! This set contains 35 pieces, including a syringe, thermometer, and plenty of other things yo…
5095 Sylvanian Country Dentist Set 5095 Sylvanian Country Dentist Set
3 in stock
When your Sylvanians have toothache, they pop to the Sylvnanian Village Dentist to get their molars looked at. Alex the Milk Rabbit Father is the local dentist, and this set includes him wearing his dentist’s uniform. In Sylvania, the dentist is nothing to be afraid of, and many small Sylvanians look forward to their six monthly check ups. With nibbling and chewing so integral to life in Sylvania,…
5096 Sylvanian Country Doctor 5096 Sylvanian Country Doctor
Out of stock
If your Sylvanian has the hiccups and wants to nip it in the bud, or they've fallen over and grazed their paw while playing hide ‘n’ seek, then this is just the place to get them better. As well as the Country Clinic, this set also comes with everything you would expect to find in a doctor's practice, including a reception desk and plenty of reading material, an outfit for your very own Sylvanian…
5256 Sylvanian Ballet Theatre*22 5256 Sylvanian Ballet Theatre*22
Out of stock
Welcome to the Ballet Theatre, home to the Golightly School of Dance! This exciting building is packed full of fun and clever features. The rotating dance floor provides the perfect space for your dancers to practice their moves as you turn the handle, while the theatre itself has music speakers installed and is pre-programmed with the music from both ‘Swan Lake’ and ‘The Nutcracker’. There’s even…
5315 Sylvanian Grocery Market 5315 Sylvanian Grocery Market
Out of stock
The Grocery Market features a checkout counter and shelving and comes with plenty of ingredients. A shopping basket is also included, allowing for more fun while shopping. The ingredients on top of the counter can be moved into the bag by sliding the bar on the cash register and the walls and flooring of the shop can be detached. Set includes Floor, Fence x2, Shelf, Checkout Counter, Scanner, Shop…
5536 Sylvanian Bakery Shop Starter Set 5536 Sylvanian Bakery Shop Starter Set
4 in stock
The bakery shop set is packed full of clever, fun features! Dress up your favourite Sylvanian in the apron and chef’s hat and get ready to roll out the dough. When it’s ready, put your bread dough in the oven and turn it on, when you open the oven door again, your bread will be baked and ready to sell. With over 20 different breads to choose from, your Sylvanian baker will be very busy. Once your…
5637 Sylvanian Tandem Cycling Set -Husky Sister & Brother 5637 Sylvanian Tandem Cycling Set -Husky Sister & Brother
11 in stock
Sister Pauline Husky is always on the go! She pedals along on her bicycle as fast as she can, because she loves the feel of the wind in her fur. Her brother Hayden likes a more sedate pace however, and is always urging her to slow down a bit so he can enjoy the scenery. Pauline also has a passion for crafts, and loves making things as gifts for her family and friends. She does this at hyper-speed…
5642 Sylvanian Ponys Stylish Hair Salon 5642 Sylvanian Ponys Stylish Hair Salon
2 in stock
Pony sister Sally Manely loves spending time at her mother’s salon in the village, Manely Hair. There are so many different accessories and hairdressing tools to try out, and Sally loves to have her hair washed and styled. Settle down in the recliner and have your hair washed, and then take a seat upstairs at the styling dresser in front of the large mirror. The styling chair clips into to the flo…
5644 Sylvanian Ponys Hair Stylist Set 5644 Sylvanian Ponys Hair Stylist Set
6 in stock
Meet Serafina Manely, the pony hair stylist! Serafina and her daugher Sally are delighted to haved moved into Sylvanian village, where Serafina is has opened her own salon on the high street. You can create different lots of different hair styles for Serafina with the included hair accessories. The bottles and other haircare tools can be stored on the cart, while the scissors and comb can also be…
5645 Sylvanian Princess Dress Up Set 5645 Sylvanian Princess Dress Up Set
1 in stock
Sister Lyra Persian is quite a serious little girl with an interest in engineering and mechanics. However that doesn't mean she doesn't look forward to dressing up like a princess for a wedding, party or any other special occasion! In this special set join Lyra on her trip to the Village Salon as she picks out a new dress and everything she needs to look just like a princess for the day. There are…


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